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We provide many different types of protection, coating, covering and carpeting for your truck bed. 



ARE X Series & Overland Series

ARE introduces it's newest truck caps, the X Series. Stylish looks with an all glass rear door at a lower cost than the ARE Z series. They have also come to market with the Overland Series. A rugged looking cab high cap with the use of Spray on Liner on the sides which go great with the off road look.


Updated: Aug 1, 2014


Monthly Coupons..

demoARE, Century, Leer, and ATC are offering some monthly specails on their fiberglass Truck Caps and Tonneau Covers.  Take a look at those pages to see how much money you can save...

Updated: Aug 1, 2014


Show Season has begun:

demoWe just finished our first show of the season and have began preparations for our next event.  If you have been to any shows or have any pictures, please share it with us.

Updated: Aug 1, 2014

Truck Bed Products


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Spray on Bedliners
Price: From $369.99

Spray Liner

Our Spray on Liners are an industrial hard coating that is very hard and durable. This durability is what prevent the liner for chipping, peeling, or cracking. It is textured just enough to keep cargo at bay, yet not overly done so that it feels like roof shingles. The liners is the same deminsion of your bed, which means no lost space and all other bed products will fit without modification.

Drop in Bedliners
Price: From $169.99

Drop in Bedliner

Drop in Bedliners are preform plastic linings that are made for each particular bed. It includes a covering for the tailgate, and can come in over the rail or under the rail. It provides xtreme proctection from denting and is a great cover for beds that are already damaged. Some product will require modification of a drop in bedliner.

Price: From $469.99


The BedRug is a great bed covering for the person who will be putting a cover over the bed. It is dark gray plastic fibers, which resemble carpet. These fibers, along with the closed cell foam, do not asorb water. This prevent mold or mildew, and allows for easy cleaning. The BedRug is manufactured for each bed and will match the headliner on most caps and tonneaus.

BedRug Mat
Price: From $179.99

BedRug Mat

The BedRug Mat is the same material as the BedRug, but only covers the floor of the truck bed. It can be used with a Spray on Bedliner or a Drop in Bedliner.

Rubber BedMat
Price: $79.99

Rubber Bedmat

The Rubber BedMat is precut for each truck bed floor. It is a thick 3/8" rubber that will stop cargo from sliding. The tailgate does not come with the BedMat, but can be purchase separatly.



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