Steps and Running Boards

Trucks seems to be getting higher every year, so to combat that we offer steps to fit most any vehicle. From chrome, black, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, to stainless steel there are a lot of options.



ARE X Series & Overland Series

ARE introduces it's newest truck caps, the X Series. Stylish looks with an all glass rear door at a lower cost than the ARE Z series. They have also come to market with the Overland Series. A rugged looking cab high cap with the use of Spray on Liner on the sides which go great with the off road look.


Updated: Aug 1, 2014


Monthly Coupons..

demoARE, Century, Leer, and ATC are offering some monthly specails on their fiberglass Truck Caps and Tonneau Covers.  Take a look at those pages to see how much money you can save...

Updated: Aug 1, 2014


Show Season has begun:

demoWe just finished our first show of the season and have began preparations for our next event.  If you have been to any shows or have any pictures, please share it with us.

Updated: Aug 1, 2014

Step Up Products

Below are some of the more popular steps we offer. All of these products are made specficly for your vehicle and require little to no drilling.


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6" Oval Steps
Price: Starting at $499.99

product image

 Extra large 6” wide oval bars for rugged looks, this  means easier, safer entry and exit. O. E. Factory styling and custom installation brackets for most popular mid and full size trucks. Available in aluminuim rails system with Chrome composite covering.

5" Oval Steps
Price: Starting at $444.99

product image

The 5" oval steps are the perfect size for offroad or everyday driver trucks. The width make entering and exiting easy, and have custom brackets to fit popular mid and full size trucks. Available in aluminium rails system with composite Chrome covering.

4" Oval Steps
Price: Starting at $364.99

product image

The 4" Ovals are a great look with a little more step area than the standard 3" step bars. They also include a wide step pad for nice footing. The ends are caps are stainless steel and bent at a 45 degree angle.Available in Black Powder Coat or Stainless Steel.

SureGrip Running Boards
Price: Starting at $429.99

product image

When a bar doesn't fit your look, these boards are a great option. The step area is a rubberized pad, whihc is noted for being skid resistant. Alvaible in Polished Aluminium, Silver Aluminum, and Black Powder Coated.

3" Round Stepbars
Price: Starting at $244.99

The steps that started it all and most popular still today. They are made to fit each vehicle with little to no drill required. Available in Chrome, Stainless Steel, and Powdered Coat.

Dominator II or III Steps
Price: Starting at $449.99

These steps are a different tske on your everyday stepbar. They include a side bar accent with the actually steps coming down. Available in cab length or wheel to wheel. They also come in Stainless Steel or Black Powder Caoted.



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